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Ukraine Will Get M88 Armored Recovery Vehicles Along With Abrams Tanks

At the front of the vehicle is a dozer blade, roughly the same width as the vehicle. Behind the cab is the engine, the fenders of which are part of the same casting as the sides of the cab. This rear section of the vehicle is primarily used for the stowage of spare parts and towing/recovery equipment, pioneer tools, spare road-wheel halves, drive wheel sprockets, rollers, track links and towing bars. As the exhaust pipes from the engine emerged in the center of the engine deck, a cowling system was constructed around them that takes the gasses and smoke, and vents them off the rear of the vehicle. There is a plate under the ventilation grills that deflect the gasses and smoke skywards. In answer to the need for a new, more powerful recovery vehicle, the Chrysler Corporation, builders of the M103, produced a companion recovery vehicle for operation with the Heavy Tank.


Note also, the two-part door which replaced the original one-piece, and the square bars of the A-frame boom. These include spare pulleys, tow-bars, towing chains and towing cables. This equipment is stowed on the left and right flanks of the engine deck. The M88 has a towing capacity of 45 tons (41 tonnes), and can safely tow at speeds up to 13 mph (21 km/h). A number of delays that arose during the manufacture of the pilot vehicles cast a shadow over the future of the entire T88 project. A meeting held at the Ordnance Tank Automotive Command (OTAC) in January 1957 noted that just 90% of a single vehicle had been constructed.

This was the Heavy Recovery Vehicle M51, itself based on the M103. This found use in the United States Marine Corps, the major users of the M103, but the US Army was still in need of a support vehicle for its medium tanks. Bowen-McLaughlin, Inc. came forward with a design for a ‘Medium Recovery Vehicle’ in 1954, based on the automotive components of the M48 Patton III medium tank. The M88A2 „recovers tanks mired to different depths, removes and replaces tank turrets and power packs, and uprights overturned heavy combat vehicles,“ the Army said. The vehicle’s main winch enables it „to provide recovery of the 70-ton M1A2 Abrams tank.“ The M88A2 Hercules (heavy equipment recovery combat utility lift and evacuation system) is a self-supportive armoured recovery vehicle used in battlefield rescue and recovery missions.

The port is protected by a winch cable access door with integral rollers to reduce wear. The cable, which is 200 feet (61 meters) long and ⅝ of an inch (16mm) in diameter, then stretches up to the pulley at the top. When raised, the boom is supported by stayline cables which are anchored on the left and right rear of the engine deck. The dozer blade, or “spade,” as the Army calls it, allows a Hercules to dig in and anchor itself while it pulls tanks in distress. The A-frame allows the Hercules to lift tank turrets and engines up and off the vehicle for service or repair purposes.

Abrams tanks „require a good deal of assistance“ to operate and maintain, an official said, speaking anonymously in a press briefing on the security package before it was officially announced. A handy list of emergency information in this area, including hospitals, doctors, chemists and emergency services near M8 8BE. From the last census, 50% of people in M88BE male, and 50% female. The effort allows the construction and delivery of up to nine M88A3 prototype vehicles to meet the requirements specified in the RWP by modifying M88A2 vehicles provided by the US Government. In the financial year (FY) 2020, the investment is used for vehicle’s design, development, integration and prototype building. Upon completion of the prototype, the vehicle will be tested in FY2021 to confirm technical solutions and meet performance requirements.

  • Figures for relationship status do not include those aged under 16, or those family members aged who are in full-time education.
  • The M88A2 is powered by a Continental (now L-3 Propulsion Systems) AVDS CR, air-cooled, turbocharged, 1,050 hp, 12-cylinder V diesel engine coupled with an Allison XT A transmission.
  • The US Army received its first M88A2 in July 1997, and the vehicle has seen action around the world, including in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • The M88A2 vehicle can also winch inoperative heavyweight M1A1/2 Abrams tanks.
  • The M88A2 did not just support the Abrams in Iraq and Afghanistan; from 2008, it was also the support vehicle of the Abrams-based Assault Breacher Vehicle (ABV).

In October 1955, authorization was granted for the manufacture of three pilot vehicles. A Contract was signed with BM in April 1956 to start work on constructing the pilots. Using a bigger sample of the local population gives us more insightful data than relying solely on the
people who live in M8 8BE. Analysis of the data shows that there is a total population size of
people (residents) living here, of which 50% are recorded on official sources as male, and 50% female; women outnumber men in Cheetham. This demographic data for M8 8BE is useful to both individuals and organisations. People moving house to Cheetham may wish to research the new neighbourhood before they take the plunge.

Second to this winch, is the ‘A’ frame boom and accompanying hoist winch. The boom is raised and lowered via hydraulics found on the left and right side of the hull. The boom arm has a forward-reach ranging between 4 feet (1.22 meters) and 8 feet (2.44 meters). At 4 feet of reach, maximum lifting height is 25 feet (7.66 meters), at 8 feet, this is reduced to 22 feet (6.87 meters). The winch is located below the crew compartment with the cable traveling through a tunnel in the cab and emerges from a porthole the roof.

M88’s inclination makes it appear like a smaller version of the Andromeda Galaxy (M31). First fielded in the 1960s, the Hercules has been upgraded over the past half-century to deal with larger, heavier tanks. The deployment of eight M88s to Ukraine means the Pentagon not only wants to keep the tanks fighting, but is concerned that Abrams tanks abandoned on the battlefield could fall into Russian hands.

Earlier this month, France became the first country to agree to send Western-made armored vehicles to Ukraine by approving the transfer of the French-made AMX-10 RC, a 16-ton armored combat and reconnaissance vehicle. This opened the door for other countries to send armored combat vehicles to Kyiv. The Pentagon is sending eight M88A2s to Ukraine along with 31 Abrams tanks.

In Vietnam, the M88 would serve alongside the M51, its older, heavier cousin – which was still in service with the US Marine Corps – and the Light Recovery Vehicle M578. In 1987, BMY was granted a contract to produce five improved M88A1s, following the outlines of the M88AX. These vehicles were given the designation of M88A1E1 Improved Recovery Vehicle (IRV). Improvements also included a new hoist boom constructed from hollow, square-profile steel beams, replacing the old tubular steel boom.


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