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Copywriting is a sought-after skill that businesses need to survive. This is why copywriting is a growing industry that pays well and has a nearly bottomless amount of work. No matter what your personal interests and background, you’ll almost certainly find a perfect match for your skills somewhere in the copywriting industry. We’ll take a closer look at how much copywriters make, including the highest-paying areas you may want to target. Perhaps due to the myths about writers, copywriting has remained a somewhat exclusive profession that not many people go into.

What does a copywriter do exactly

Job seekers will be able to scan and digest your post quickly if it’s written in a bulleted format. As a freelancer, you’re setting your schedule on your own hours. An on-staff copywriter may work remote or go into the office or a mix of both. All have their perks and, the best part is, you can move freely between freelance, on-staff, and contract jobs depending on what you want in any given phase of your life! Copywriting gives you the flexibility to adapt your career to your needs. Copywriters get to do interesting, challenging, creative work and work with talented, dynamic people.

OK . . . all of that stuff . . . all of that is an example of copywriting at work.

It’s for B2B businesses and copywriters and marketers and people who staggered onto this page someway, somehow. While not all of these are digital marketing copywriters, a significant chunk are. Perhaps most importantly, this figure is projected to grow by 4% by 2031.

  • To differentiate your voice from your competition and create thought-leadership in your copywriting career.
  • In addition to being strong writers, successful copy editors will have strong project and people management skills.
  • To keep the stress in check, it’s important that you’re a strong writer who loves the writing process, takes direction well, and can write and revise quickly.
  • They can also describe complex topics in a way everyone understands.
  • Writers are generally concerned with creating original, high-quality content that informs, entertains, and educates readers.
  • “Copywriters can’t be precious about their words,” Felber says.
  • “If you can’t deliver quality content on a given deadline, you probably won’t make it as a copywriter,” says Hawkins.

Copywriting is typically focused on achieving specific business objectives and is often used in digital marketing, print ads, and other forms of advertising. Blog posts help your company capture those timely, trending topics in your industry that directly relate to your brand, products, and services. At CopyPress, we develop original content with your audience in mind. Our copywriters focus on an eye-catching topic relevant to your industry for each post. We use our proprietary software, Thematical, to locate those topics and keyword opportunities to help you outperform your competitors.

How to get started copywriting for business blogs

Yet you find yourself seated at my table, learning something about me personally—peeling the words back, glimpsing the face over the keyboard. Save clips of your best work and arrange them neatly in a physical or online portfolio that you can easily share with prospective employers. You may do some additional writing during this phase as you refine your work. You’re trying to get every piece to fit just right (even though some pieces seem to fit multiple places!).

What does a copywriter do exactly

They also share important information about your services, products, and strategies to give clients and customers an idea of what it’s like to work with your brand. Our CopyPress team meets with your representatives before a campaign kickoff to understand your business and clients to choose the right topics and goals for every white paper. So strong writing skills are essential, but this is also a career where soft skills rise to the top.

Comprehensive Copywriting Academy

Regardless of the work setting, copywriting is often a deadline-driven profession. Copywriters must be able to work efficiently under pressure and meet project deadlines. They may also need to be flexible and adapt to changes in project scope or direction. We provide a full-scale creative, strategy, and human resources team from the get-go. CopyPress finds the talent and assigns the right creatives to every campaign. Whether you need help with writing, strategy, or publication, we’ve got it covered.

What does a copywriter do exactly

She is currently a writer and editor at Lauchlan, a marketing agency for the technology sector. To keep the stress in check, it’s important that you’re a strong https://wizardsdev.com/en/vacancy/copywriter-en-ua-ru/ writer who loves the writing process, takes direction well, and can write and revise quickly. “Copywriters can’t be precious about their words,” Felber says.

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They produce copy, or what the world calls written material for advertisements, marketing outputs, and the likes of. But as copywriting services have asserted their dominance, “copy” is now becoming a ubiquitous term for any kind of written text. To get candidates interested, you need a compelling copywriter job description that outlines the opportunity, stands out from the competition, and motivates the best people to apply. Start by composing lists of qualifications and responsibilities that accurately reflect the copywriter role. Be sure to include information about what makes your company a great place to work.

Experienced, in-demand copywriters can reach six or even seven figures. We understand how critical it is to add an SEO component to every piece we create. It’s hard to find copywriters who are quick to turn out work without compromising quality.

Whether you’re explaining an industry concept or giving a detailed how-to for how to use your products and services, CopyPress has the right copywriters for your articles. This type of content helps improve your online presence and company credibility. Articles are the perfect pieces for earning the title of a thought leader in your industry or market. No matter your language or niche needs, our team understands how to develop the top-quality, engaging content you crave. Copywriting is suitable for people with degrees in journalism, marketing, languages or communications. To become a successful copywriter, you must learn specific skills and techniques.

They create informative content for businesses that is designed to guide the reader’s own research. In-house copywriters (i.e. copywriters who work as employees of a company) don’t have to worry about marketing themselves or landing new projects. They just show up to work and start working on whatever project plops on their desk. If you feel copywriting is the right fit for you, the next step is getting started.


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