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Binance Pros & Cons: Is it Still Good Money Exchange in 2023?

binance review

Once you have verified your identity, you’ll be able to withdraw the equivalent of 100 Bitcoin (BTC) every 24 hours. You’ll also unlock much higher fiat deposit and withdrawal limits. From the client profile page, select Deposit and then pick a coin that you want to deposit – there’s a selection of more than 150 cryptocurrencies. Binance offers pleasant, round-the-clock chat support from their customer service representatives.

Registering and making a deposit was straightforward, as was placing an order using convert & OTC, classic, or advanced view. The primary benefit of the advanced interface is its cleaner, less cluttered look. The chart is larger, the order book is to the right of the chart, and the buy/sell widget is closer to eye level. In addition to the classic interface, Binance also offers an interface which it calls advanced.

Binance customer support

Users who might not be conversant with English are also catered for since various languages are offered by Binance, including Chinese, Korean, English, and Japanese. The company maintains an impressive track of records, attracting more investors every day. Another security measure is that the majority of coin holdings are saved offline in cold wallets to protect the coins from unauthorised access.

Some members of the cryptocurrency community believe that Binance will shut down, while others believe that it is here to stay. However, there is no clear evidence indicating that Binance will indeed shut down. Let’s look at some features of the exchanges to evaluate which one is better. As soon as you click on the future tab, you binance review receive a pop-up notification telling you about the newly improved future trading interface. provides top quality insights through financial educational guides and video tutorials on how to buy shares and invest in stocks. We compare the top providers along with in-depth insights on their product offerings too.

Desktop App

This means that you can trade with more money than you have in account – so you are effectively borrowing the surplus funds from Binance. All you need to do is enter your card details and the transaction will be completed in seconds. In terms of feedback from current and past users, the Binance app is highly rated.

It’s important to note though that Binance doesn’t allow fractional unit trading for most of its coins. This can lead to “trading dust” or fractional coins getting stuck in the platform. If you frequently trade large volumes, these fees can add up quickly.

There is no limit on how much cryptocurrency you can deposit.

Leverage can increase market commitments many times over without having to make an additional investment. Once you have signed up to a level two account, your limit will increase to a 50 Bitcoin daily withdrawal limit. There are no minimum deposits required to open an account with Binance. Binance has also been a front-runner in championing decentralized exchanges (DEX).

As such, if you want to buy cryptocurrencies as a first-timer, eToro is much more suitable. When it comes to trading fees, both Binance and eToro are very competitive. However, while Binance charges a commission of 0.10% on both buy and sell orders, eToro charges nothing. Make no mistake about it – with billions and billions of pounds going through Binance each and every day, this cryptocurrency exchange is obviously doing something right. To answer this question we performed an in-depth comparison between Binance and top-rated FCA broker eToro.

Step 2: Verify ID (if depositing with fiat currency)

This allows you to pick an expert cryptocurrency trader and then copy their positions. For example, if the trader risks 10% of their portfolio on Bitcoin Cash, you will do the same. This means you can invest in Dogecoin and other meme coins passively without having to worry about monitoring the volatile markets 24/7. Take note, if you opted for a debit/credit card deposit, you will already have purchased your chosen cryptocurrency directly.

binance review

But, if you opt for a debit/credit card or bank transfer – you will first need to upload a copy of your passport or driver’s license. Although this might not sound overly innovative, its digital currency is has a current market capitalization of over $5 billion. Binance also allows those of you in the UK to buy a select number of cryptocurrencies with a debit or credit card.

Binance has a separate US version, which is different in terms of services. Binance US was launched in 2019 to provide US users with a safe and stress-free trading experience. Customers should launch the trading interface and choose either Isolated or Cross Margin mode to open a margin account.

  • The exchange doesn’t allow traders to enter a position by typing in the amount manually.
  • For example, in the screenshot below, you can see how easy it is to swap AUD for BTC, which essentially means you are buying Bitcoin with your Australian dollars.
  • Binance hosts a world-renowned cryptocurrency exchange that you can use to trade and invest.
  • If you are cashing out via fiat currency, then expect to wait longer.
  • For example, if you are depositing with Bitcoin, you will need to copy your unique BTC wallet address.

The markets are extremely liquid, and you can set limit orders and stop-limits which is very useful for large-volume traders. Here are some of the best points that stood out for me, when reviewing Binance Australia. For the longest time, Binance was pure crypto to crypto exchange, implying that you could only deposit and withdraw into your crypto wallet. It, however, is gradually welcoming fiat to crypto transactions and also started processing fiat deposits.


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